At first glance, the Crape Myrtle and Oak trees will draw anyone’s interest to our house. However, a closer inspection reveals what appears to be one poor decision after another in exterior design mishaps by the previous home owners.

Texas Ranch Style Home

Nevertheless, it is my and Salty Dog’s mess to alter and make stunning. In fact, it was never my intent to keep the facade of the home like this for long. In my mind and without telling Salty Dog, I had created a long list of things to get done with the outside. Surely he’s not going to mind me adding to his “Honey-Do-List”….

The List:

1. The previous owners painted the siding of the house beige flesh tone …who buys flesh tone paint??? Repaint to Sherwin William Mega Greige #7031

2. The brick is a grouping of beige, pink, yellow, and light green brick. Repaint to Sherwin William Agreeable Gray #7029

3. The single set of shutters is painted red next to the flesh tone paint…red & flesh tone, perhaps the worst combination of colors in the world. Repaint to Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black #6258

4. The landscaping is a montage bought from the garden clearance section. Seemly, dropped wherever a bare opening of earth was available. Solution- Rip out 80% of the plants and ground coverings.

5. One of the prior owners had the ingenious idea to do ornamental jail cell windows within the security brick wall. Not entirely sure what decade this trend was favorable! (If anyone knows please email me) Solution- Remove the wrought iron and cut down the brick to make a half wall. 

Picture of the front of the house showin the ornmental jail cell windows

To emphasize, the house’s entire exterior is need of a transformation. The number one priority is to make the house an architectural phenomenon for all the neighbors to revel in. But we aren’t sure how we’re going to accomplish this yet!

Given my above list, most visitors to my house would not fail to mention the disturbing outside entryway. The two double inset front doors are dark and it gives the patio entrance a horrible fright factor. Making a more welcoming and inviting entry was the first order of business for me. Otherwise small children would be too frightened to visit our house on Halloween. Some neighbors joke we have the front doors and entryway to the underworld!

Picture of two double wooden front doors
Picture showing the front of the ranch style house with the entrance way

An entry door is your best opportunity for a first impression for overall curb appeal and the beauty of your home. But all too often, front doors are bland, flat or boring. One of the most striking changes you can make to your front door is the color you choose. In general, I’ve always felt anyone’s front door is the d’oeuvre or teaser to what awaits inside the home.

Since the new brick color will become Agreeable Gray and the siding Mega Greige, I decided my front doors must be a dynamic blue but stylish. A color that welcomes but still has some ability to stay in style over the next couple of years, possibly over the next decade.

Say goodbye to the underworld doors and hello gorgeous!

Deception in paint has never been so much fun. These doors were not an easy undertaking but well worth the task as not to be egged by small children during Halloween.


Front door
Pumpkins by the front door

In brief, I had narrowed down my selections to three different blues which I absolutely loved. In the end, I finally decided I to go with Sherwin Williams Kimmothy’s Creation #02894. That’s right! Kimmothy’s Creation! I ended up mixing my own color combo because I couldn’t decide.

As much as I would like to pretend that a new coat of paint on the doors is all it takes to transform the exterior. The doors are only a small fraction in the equation.  Next it’s on to painting the brick and siding.

Tell Kimmothy what you think-

What color is your front door?

What do you think of when you see front doors painted in bright colors?

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  1. Scarlet

    I love the inviting blue color you picked for the front doors. Very pretty!

    1. Kimmothy

      Thank you so much and thanks for reading the post.

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