Texas Ranch Style Home

It is 9 a.m.

Standing in front of a house which has been on the real estate market for only 12 hours, I turn and look at Salty Dog. “I think I can make it work. It has lots of character. I already have a vision…what’s my budget for renovations?’

Salty Dog laughed, “Budget? We don’t have a budget! We won’t have any extra money if we buy this home.”

My next sentence came tumbling out, “This house looks like a prison with the wrought iron.  The exterior siding is painted flesh tone. I’m going to have to knock down several walls inside, and the kitchen and two bathrooms are every bit of 1977.  New floors are a must. I don’t know if we want this project.”

At this point the realtor chimed in, “Did I mention the listing agent said there are 8 other offers?”

“Other offers? NOW I MUST have it!!!” I cried out. 

And so the adventure began.

In the beginning Salty Dog and I thought we could easily renovate our new home. We are the product of what happens when you watch too many DIY shows and think wouldn’t that be fun to do!  Comparing ourselves to an unrealistic image of the DIY couples lead us to drinking. Hence, WINE NIGHT, every night.

We are not close to any DIY couple you may have seen on television. We are at best the exact opposite.

Any T.V. DIY Couple



Always appears like she just stepped out of a salon.


Is delighted if she finds a clean pair of undies in the dryer for the day!!

Either pursuing the newest business venture with her husband/partner or is heavily involved in various community activities with her children.


Starts drinking margaritas by 3 p.m. because she is fed up the dust from the power tools being used in her house. 

House is spotless and is always ready for a photo-shoot.


As per line above.

Always has a plate of chocolate chip cookies out for guests.


Always drinks her guest’s margarita when they’re not looking.

Feeds the children meals made from organic ingredients on the farm.


Frozen processed food hasn’t killed Salty Dog yet….

We are the result of too much enthusiasm, not enough money, and one too many cocktails.

We are Kimmothy and Salty Dog and welcome to Kimmothy Creates!

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  1. Linda stevens

    Love it! Looking forward to more of yours & salty dogs adventures!

    1. Kimmothy

      Linda, thank you so much for the nice compliment. I hope you enjoy the other articles I post.

  2. Starla Twentier

    I will absolutely read anything you post and support anything you do! You and your husband are a blast! I’m excited to see what unfolds for you!

    1. Kimmothy

      Starla, you are so sweet and I miss working with you.

  3. Lee Ann Crawford

    Love it Kimmothy!

    1. Kimmothy

      Thank you Lee Ann and I hope you enjoy the other articles I post.

  4. Sue Frelund

    I love it and am looking forward to watching your creativity, maybe I can learn something lol!! I will be looking forward to reading this as you publish more 🙂

    1. Kimmothy

      So glad you are reading the blog and I appreciate it.

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