Sad the holidays are over? Me too! But Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and nobody says you can’t decorate for Valentine’s Day. This holiday gives you another reason to go all out with your home décor!

If you look up Valentine tree you will find beautiful creations made out of Christmas trees. That’s right Christmas trees. The latest Instagram trend involves covering your tree in hearts, flowers and kisses to suit the next seasonal event- Valentine’s Day. People have stripped their trees of the holiday golds and greens and replaced them with rosy reds and posh pinks. It seems to be the new “in” thing.  

While you can certainly decorate your regular green tree for Valentine’s Day, there is another option if you have already put away your Christmas tree this year. There is the branch tree that is simple to create and gaining popularity. The idea is really growing on Instagram with over 3,434 posts about #Valentinetree.

So I decided to make one and share the steps with you because it really is an inexpensive and quick project.

The first thing I did was gather up branches in my front yard. Then I spray painted them in a glossy white, but you can use red, gold or pink. I used white because I will be using these branches for an Easter craft

Spray painted branches

While the branches were drying, I sought out vintage Valentine scraps to cut out. I found several sources for you to use. One of them being my Pinterest board that you can view Here. I’ve included several other resources for you to pick your favorites.

The Anastasia Co.  Here

Sweetly Scrapped  Here

Nell on Flicker  Here

The Graphics Fairy  Here

Download your favorite designs into a word document. I printed out my preferred Valentines and glued the sheets of paper onto old shirt and cereal boxes. But any thin type of cardboard will work. Even poster board would be a great choice.


Next I used dried floral foam, make sure to use the type made for silks and not for fresh flowers, and inserted it into my container. When my branches were dried completely I placed them into the foam vertically.  Another idea would be to use the branches in a tall vase without the floral foam. A clear vase would be absolutely stunning.

Once all the Valentines were cut out I glued pretty hot pink ribbon loops on the back. These will serve as the hangers on the tree.

I placed the entire collection of vintage Valentines on the spray painted branches. And I love it.


While at Michaels I found the plastic shiny red hearts. Aren’t they perfect for the tree? And, they remind me of foil wrapped chocolates.


Show everyone how you can spread the love this Valentine’s Day with a tree.  Not just any tree, a Valentine’s Day branch tree. Let’s get in the mood for love this February 14th!

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