1. House Plants

House plants are the greatest way to add freshness to a room. Whether it be faux or real, adding a house plant is the easiest way to add character to a living space. Gone are the years of decorating with Ficus trees. Today’s green plants include orchids, fiddle-leaf figs, and the easy-to-care-for assorted succulents.

Orchid on a Coffee Table

2. Curvy Furniture

It’s all about embracing the curviness rather than straight lines. Think beautiful rounded edges and plush fabrics on furniture. Curvy furniture has a way of being between chic, femine, and modern.

  1. Floral Murals

Wallpaper isn’t the only thing to make a popular comeback. Floral murals are an increasing popular trend people are choosing to place on their walls. The big flower motifs can take the place of large pricey pieces of artwork and look just as great. If you are one who favors florals, don’t be afraid to go big and show off your style.

  1. Pantone’s Classic Blue

Pantone unveiled its Color of the Year 2020, Classic Blue. Like the name suggests, it is a timeless shade of blue that feels familiar and relaxed. Much lighter than a traditional and customary navy yet a richer shade. Classic Blue is a timeless wall paint color that looks great on both walls and furniture.

  1. Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is always a classic choice but the trend is still going strong for 2020. If solid wood is not in your budget, then you may opt for a less expensive engineered, laminate, or vinyl. You also have the choice to go with one of the many designs found in Ceramic for those wet spaces such as the kitchen or laundry room. Wood flooring has the unique ability to make your home look truly beautiful.

Wood Flooring

Let me know what trends you are favoring for 2020.

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