An ordinary and basic foam craft pumpkin sits next two craft pumpkins painted to look like real ones

I will admit it; in the past, I’ve never bought a carvable foam craft pumpkin. During my recent visit to Michaels, I wondered if I could give this popular fall item a more realistic appearance. Not only give it a makeover, but also a Cinderella treatment per say. I knew right from the git-go, making a carvable craft pumpkin look real was going to be very easy.

Picture of supplies needed to give a craft pumpkin a more realistic appearance. Acrylic paint, paint brushes, foam brush, foam pumpkin, glue gun, dried pumpkin stem, glue stick, utility knife

Supplies Needed:

Craft Pumpkin

Dried Pumpkin Stem (found all over Ebay like here)

Glue Gun

Glue Stick

Paint Brushes (in different sizes)

Foam Brush

Utility Knife

Brown Acrylic Paint

Yellow Acrylic Paint

White Acrylic Paint

Orange Acrylic Paint

Gold Acrylic Paint


A foam brush has lightly brushed the yellow acrylic paint on the pumpkin

1. Start with the foam brush and the yellow acrylic paint. Do not wet the brush, but rather dry brush the paint on the pumpkin. Also, the entire pumpkin should not be coated in yellow; let the original color show through.

A smaller paint brush is used to darken the crevices with the brown acrylic paint

2. Using a smaller paint brush, darken the crevices with the brown acrylic paint. Since a lifelike pumpkin is the ultimate goal, add extra dimensions by lightly brushing on the orange acrylic paint.

The white paint and gold paint add great detailing to the foam pumpkin to enhance the realistic effect

3. The white as well as the gold paint add some great detailing to the pumpkin. Daub the white acrylic paint into the vertical crevices.  For the purpose of adding shine to your craft pumpkin, sparingly dry brush the gold acrylic paint on the higher areas of the pumpkin ribs right next to the crevices.

4. Next, cut off the foam stem with the utility knife then hot glue the dried pumpkin stem on the top.

Final result of the craft pumpkins looking like actual pumpkins

5. Finally, place your realistic craft pumpkin out for everyone to see and allow the comments to “fall” in!

Definitely a more believable version now!

Overall, in less than 3o minutes a craft pumpkin can be completed and even less on the smaller ones. Presently, the majority of pumpkins on my porch are the craft ones I painted. In summary, I went from someone who never bought a foam pumpkin to a person who now has her front porch peppered in them. In fact, two of my neighbors commented about the lovely pumpkins I had on the porch. A third wanted to know what nursery I had purchased them from.

Pumpkins by the front door

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  1. Brad

    I love the way these pumpkins look! Beautiful and good for more than just one season! Thanks for the wonderful Halloween hack, I can’t wait to try it out!

    1. Kimmothy

      Thank you, Brad, And thank you for all the help you have given me.

  2. Maria

    This looks so amazing and if I didn’t know, I would have thought pumpkins were real ? Awesome Kimmothy and I’m definitely sharing and going to try

    1. Kimmothy

      Thank you Maria for reading my blog. I appreciate it

  3. Troy

    Boy, those dogs seriously don’t like each other. 🙂

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