Let there be light!

Today as part of the 555 Room Challenge I’m going to share with you a simple to follow tutorial for how to replace a ceiling fan with a flush mount light. I will be sharing my final project and the big reveal later on today!

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To many installing a light fixture is self-explanatory. To those who it isn’t (like me), here’s a quick tutorial on how to remove a ceiling fan and putting up a light. You only need two tools! Yes I said that right, two tools!

Tools Needed:

Voltage Tester



  1. Turn off the power to the breaker box. If your light or fan turns off you found the right breaker!
Breaker Box

2. Remove the fixture you are replacing. In my case it would be a ceiling fan.

Removing Ceiling Fan

3. Double check there is no power using your voltage tester. Notice how the tester lights up red when there is electricity present.

Testing Power

See no electricity because there is no red light. 

Testing power

4. After installing your mount plate, be sure to attach the ground wires from the fixture and the electrical wiring to the plate using the green ground screw. Both of my ground wires were copper but yours may be green.

Attaching Ground Wires

5. Black wires, one from the fixture and one from the electrical wiring, are twisted together and secured with one of the included wire nuts. Twist clockwise until tight. Do the exact same with the white wires.

6. Before putting everything together, make sure it works. Add a light bulb, turn your breaker back on and flip the switch.

7. Once you are sure it is working, turn your breaker and switch back off.  You can now install your fixture to its mounting bracket. Be sure not to pinch or pull any wires when lining the fixture up to the bracket. There is usually three or four screws around the lip of the fixture to screw into the bracket. 

Installing a flush mount light

8. Turn your breaker back on and test again.

Installing a flush mount light

9. Install your shade as per manufacturer’s instructions. 

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