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Knowing the Difference Between a Trend and a Classic

Last week I discussed the difference between a fad and a trend. See post here. This week I want to introduce you to what the difference between a trend and a classic is.


I would define a trend as the styling, colors, patterns, materials and shapes of a particular season that have a long-term influence on the market. A current trend can be derived from a previous season’s trends and events. In the interiors market we are more focused on “macro” trends (bigger and longer lasting) than “micro” trends, which are more common in fast fashion.

Trends differ to fads in that they are more long-standing, they develop and change over time. Fads are only popular for a shorter period of time. Fads are generally unanticipated and tend to just pop up.


Classics are pieces of furniture or clothing that have stood the test of time; they neither come nor go, but are found year after year. Many people think of classic pieces as boring, but classics can be a great foundation on which to build or add to. Classics vary over decades; the little black dress of the 1960’s will not fit anything like the little black dress of 2020, but it is still recognizable as a little black dress. In interior design, a Persian rug or a Louis VI chair are great examples of a classic style.

Let me show you some great examples of some classics in the interior design world that have become current design trends also.


  1. Black and White

High-contrast designs are currently having their moment and have taken over the design industry. Black and white are the beginning and end of the color spectrum and are quite the dynamic duo. There literally couldn’t be a more stark contrast between colors. Black and white is a classic combination and works with any color. 

For a long time, it was white, white, white, but now, for example, maybe we see a chair with black fabric and a white frame. Or a console table in a dark stained wood with light-colored hardware. This color arrangement never goes out of style and it is easy to pair with different patterns.

Black and White Bathroom
Inspiration for Moms
Living Letter Home

2. Velvet

Velvet may not be everyone’s preference, but it’s going to be steaming hot and trendy in 2020. It’s the perfect blend of elegance and comfort. When most people think of velvet, they’re often thinking about the old red velvet upholstery or curtains from yesteryear that is old fashion and stuffy.

Interior designers are making velvet one of the most sought after interior design trends – predominantly in sofas. And, our color options are wider than ever. We’re talking vibrant blues, pinks, burnt orange and shades of taupe. The possibilities for velvet furniture in 2020 are endless.

Personally, I like to use velvet sparingly like in an accent chair or throw pillow. Velvet can be used in all interior design styles such as modern, traditional or boho.

Blue chair
  1. Painted Doors

Interior doors are typically painted in the standard white trim color. With this method, we are missing an opportunity to make a dramatic statement. Painting an interior door in a color adds character and charm to a space. Adding great hardware (in gold or brass), a dark door can become a creative element for a room.

Rain on a Tin Roof

4. Glass Cabinetry

Open shelving is out because practical is in! Glass front cabinets bring elegance and class to any kitchen or bathroom design. There is something sophisticated and attractive about glass in kitchen cabinet doors. They seem to open everything up and make the room seem larger and more alive.

Inspiration for Moms

5.  Blue

Classic blue and Navy blue are both Pantone and Sherwin Williams named color of the year. This color is the new neutral that goes with everything.

Though muted colors can help you avoid making spaces feel overwhelming and visually heavy, our interior designers believe that this decade will be where bolder colors are preferred. Richer hues such as classic blue and navy throughout your home can make your more muted and natural-hued furnishings and decorative elements instantly pop and feel anew

Two Bees in a Pod
Cockoo 4 Design
  1. Marble

If you’re building a home or renovating your kitchen, you’ve probably already considered using natural stone such as marble. This texture has started to pop up in everything from fashion to interior design pieces. From walls to floors, tiles to furniture, it’s everywhere you look. Not only is marble a trend right now but it is timeless. Whether you want marbled murals breathing life into entire rooms, or you just appreciate those small marble touches, this interior design style is more versatile than you think.

Opt for a minimalist color palette and you can incorporate marble décor in just about every space in the house. What’s really interesting is the staying power of this trend as well, how much it has evolved, and how it has saturated everyday homes. Marble accessories are an easy way to introduce a high-end feel with very little effort.

Marble Countertop

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