In 2019 we said farewell to dark kitchen cabinets (thank goodness) and bid adios to grey. Heavy looking granite counter tops now seem a thing of the past as we welcome in quartz counters. Quartz has become a great alternative to granite or marble because of its durability and its ease of maintenance. It seems we have all made decorating choices in our homes that we eventually regret later on.

As we usher in 2020 we don’t only welcome a new year but a fresh decade. Don’t be guilty of what interior decorators call “decorating violation” by using the below list in your home this year. Tell me if any of these decor trends made its way into your home. At one point, each of these items was proudly showcased in my home. Thankfully I’ve rid the house of all of them.

Using Millennial Pink

Ever since 2016 this Millennial Pink has been gaining speed. Not anymore. People are leaning towards choosing the brighter colors and accent pieces. Instagram and Pinterest propelled this color to the top of everyone’s list. It didn’t matter what medium; clothes, furniture, paint or accessories, it was a must have if you wanted to be up on the latest trends. Lately we’re seeing a demand for warmer toned palettes and rich accent colors. Now consumers want timeless colors to show off their style such as Pantone’s color of the year, Classic Blue. This timeless hue of blue will be popping up everywhere in the next couple of months.

Millennial Pink

Saving the Dining Room

Saving the dining room is probably the worst unused space decision. Not too many use this space anymore, maybe once or twice a year such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. Converting the dining room is a great way to add another bedroom, den, or office. Or, depending on your floor plan, an extension of an existing space such as a family room to create a large open great room. Sometimes the exact space you always wanted is right under your feet. Utilizing the dining room into a workable space makes the home look larger to potential home buyers.

Dining Room

All that Glitters

Enough with the mixed metallic combinations which have ruled the past couple of years. We’ve seen an abundant of rose gold and shiny gold mixed together. No more with the sequined and glittered accessories in home wares and clothing. It’s time we go back to soft and subtle and we want lush and rich textures in our homes. Shades of chocolate brown, wine, olive green, and yellow ochre are all taking over.

Mixed Metallics

Floral ‘Chintz’

Chintz was a huge craze of the 1980’s through the early 2000’s. We saw this pattern on clothing, furniture, and wallpaper. Today’s top designers are using textured materials and color on the walls to give a room a complete feel.


Entertainment Systems

TV armoires and Entertainment Systems are a thing of the past just like the Tucson kitchens of the early 2000’s.  They serve virtually no function except to loom in forgotten corners of the house. Consignment stores won’t accept them because they don’t sell. Today’s TV’s are flat, streamlined, and mounted to the wall. Unless you get a smaller screen they generally don’t fit the TV entertainment furniture.

Entertainment Set

Over the Range Microwaves

Installing the microwave over the range is putting it in a space that is the main focal point of the kitchen. Don’t let this appliance become center stage. Find a space for your microwave that is tucked away, but still accessible.

Microwave over the range

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