In today’s post, I am going to talk about Hollywood Regency. An interior decor style that I not only love but will never fall out of style. It brings us up close and personal with the luxury of the American Movie Academy and all of its glamorous stars.

If you prescribe to the notion the more glamorous and dazzling in your decorating needs, you need to know about Hollywood Regency. Most people salute and credit the California movie studios of the 1930’s for coming up with this interior design trend. Back in the day the Hollywood Regency style was a favorite of many celebrities including actresses Joan Crawford, Carole Lombard, and Greta Garbo. Even first lady, Nancy Regan, decorated her home with this style.

Carol Lombard
Carol Lombard

No Such Thing As Too Over the Top in Hollywood Regency

This décor style features layered textures, high contrast patterns, metallic finishes, and vibrant hues. The number one design goal of this style is to bring out the glitz and glam! You want to decorate with lavish and rich textures, extravagant details, and luxurious accessories. You’re trying to make the space feel as expensive and magnificent as possible. So if you think you’re doing too much or over decorating, you’ve probably nailed it.

Hollywood Regency is all about bringing on the over-the-top glamour in a way that isn’t stuffy or too self-serious. Think timeless appeal with a dramatic, modern, bold and uncluttered look that brings all these elements together for a gender neutral setting.

Hollywood Regency
House Beautiful

How To Achieve the Hollywood Regency Look In Your Home In 5 Easy Steps

  1. Invest in Classics– Any pieces from Dorothy Draper or William Haines, the two greatest designers from the Hollywood Regency era, are wonderful investments. For those who truly want to imitate the masters, investing in a few classic pieces of furniture can be a real point of joy. EBay is chocked full of stuff from these two past interior phenomenons, but be forewarned some of the bids can run you upward a couple thousands of dollars.
  2. Never Skimp on the Color and Pattern– Used purposefully, pattern and color are incorporated into the design but make sure that it is strategically placed. Because the patterns and colors used are so bold, you don’t want to go over the top. Placement of these elements into the interior scheme should be deliberate and carefully thought out. Décor  accessories are kept in the same color palette and only one (maybe two) pattern is used. Anything more can make a space feel too busy and overworked.
Hollywood Regency
Source: Jonathan Adler

3. Lacquer Everything– A lot of bright, glossy colors on furniture are a telltale sign of Hollywood Regency. Each room in the home was just another showpiece for the guests. Pieces tend to be lacquered with a high shine. If you can’t find what you like buy some super glossy spray paint and do it yourself. The classic designers spared no expense on gleam or glitz and neither should you.

Hollywood Regency

4. Furniture Tends To Be Small-Scale– I know what you are thinking- I told you to go lavish and use extravagant details but that does not equate to large and massive furniture! This interior design style calls for you to watch the scale of pieces. In fact, all the furniture used in this look is smaller because it is supposed to really fade into the background setting. True Hollywood Regency is all about letting the people shine in its setting rather than furniture.  

Hollywood Regency
Decor Tips

5. Nail The Details– As we learned above, the furniture doesn’t command the space. Hollywood Regency leans strongly on the decor accents to bring the glam and glitz. Lavish fabric and materials like velvet, silk, and fur are incorporated. Sculpted carpets, brass or gold hardware, crystal, fringe, and plenty of flashy accessories are other common elements found in this interior style. Look for materials such as glass, marble, stone… everything should shine. Go for giant mirrors, Ming vases, big ceramic figures, fanciful chandeliers … anything that’ll make you feel like you are on a movie set in the 1930’s.

Hollywood Regency
Photo by Elizabeth Gordon

A fellow blogger friend of mine, Veronica Salomon, who is a wonderful interior designer, has an eye for Hollywood Regency design. She made all her readers on her blog, Casa Vilora Interiors, swoon over the amazing bedroom she created. See below.

Hollywood Regency
Casa Vilora Interiors by Veronica Solomon/ Photo by Colleen Scott

Hollywood Regency is a timeless, captivating interior style that recalls a special time in the 20th century. It’s dramatic, sensual and methodically designed. Almost every other style dulls in comparison; making it a stylish fit for our more daring readers. While this style is a throwback to another age, it’s still incredibly modern and appropriate to today’s lifestyle.

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