November 14, 2020

No Turkey Day meal is complete without a marvelous assortment of Thanksgiving side dishes. While the turkey is the star of the feast, it is all the comfort food that gets everyone excited about eating the meal.

Thank you to my blogger friends for submitting the best side dish recipes to round out your holiday dinner. Because of them there will be no shortage of ideas for your Thanksgiving menu. From mashed potatoes to stuffing, all the classics are here. There are even some new menu items you may want to try. I’ve included many make-ahead dishes that you can prepare in advance.

With so many options I’ve decided to dedicate two posts to cover all the delectable dishes.

Check out these easy, unforgettable Thanksgiving sides to take your feast to the next level:

Jessica from Forked Spoon has a great submission on a classic- Scalloped Potatoes. has me drooling over her Sweet Potato Souffle Recipe

Savory With Soul has an easy peasy recipe for Green Bean Casserole that you do in your crockpot!

Of course no green bean casserole is complete without the crispy onions on top. Served from Scratch teaches us an extremely easy method to make your own Copycat French’s Fried Onions

Southern and Modern has an easy but delicious Corn Casserole Recipe

I’ve had Brown Sugar Brussels Sprouts before in a restaurant and I can eat an entire plate of them. Thankfully, Swirls of Flavor has the recipe!

Talk about YUMMY! Stephanie over at The Cozy Cook has the recipe for Texas Roadhouse Rolls

Strength and Sunshine gives us this delicious Rustic Rosemary Thyme Mashed Potato submission. 


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