Trends come and Go

As you probably already know, trends come and go. What was hot a few years ago may not be popular now.

I admit, I’ve been a sucker for all the decor trends listed below when they were first out on the market. With me, as soon as I get saturation overload I’m on to the next big thing. Unfortunately, no trend lasts forever. It’s not that these were particularly bad trends, they’ve just run their course and now it’s time to retire these looks.  Here are five outdated home décor trends we hope are gone for good. 

 5 Decor trends to avoid

1. Granite 
Granite countertops were all the rage in the late 1990s and mid-2000s. Today’s consumer finds granite to be too busy and dark. Most are looking for a minimalist look in other materials such as Quartz and Marble.


2. Edison Light Bulbs
Glitzy statement lighting is in and pushing out the exposed Edison lighting. For years the Edison lightbulbs dominated the scene from lamps to overhead lighting. People had these types of lightbulbs inside their bathroom and strung across their backyards.

Edison Light Bulbs

3. Silk Plants and Flowers
This was a popular trend until the last couple of years, but now the trend is on fresh flowers from the local florist and green house plants. The health benefits alone from having fresh in your home is reason enough to ditch the faux.

Silk Flowers

4. Mason Jars
Since the mid-2000’s Mason jars have been heralded as vases, soap dispensers, lighting, candle holders, drinking glasses, and the list goes on. Now consumers are opting for more artisan made lovelies and one of a kind pieces for their home goods.

Mason Jar

5. Tuscan Kitchens
The Tuscan look was the ultimate kitchen trend in the late 1990s to the mid-2000s, but now the look is dark and drab, not to mention heavy looking. Today’s kitchens are light and airy with an emphasis on white cabinets.

Tuscan Kitchen

What decor trends have you tired of or trying to avoid?

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