Five Easy Steps to Stylizing A Coffee Table

We often don’t think about the coffee table as being one of the main centerpieces of a room. For most of us, this table is a landing pad for our remotes or a place to throw down magazines. Along with the sofa, this special type of table is often first seen by people when they enter a room.

A properly stylized coffee table can set the tone for the room and make a big impact. We want it to be functional yet handsome and dignified. The objects and items placed on the table can modify the look and feel of a room altogether.

Here are five easy tips to stylize your coffee table into the center of attention.

1. Decorative or vintage boxes are all the rage right now and ared handy tools for wrangling up all your remotes. These great accents offer additional storage and help to keep things hidden and your coffee table tidy. If you like gold accents here’s a post on gold leafing a cigar box for your coffee table.

Decorative Box
Decorative Box on a Coffee Table

2. Hard covered books are great decoration accessories. Turn your favorite reads into small stacks on the table. Smaller decorative pieces and objects can be placed on top of the stack to create a more interesting look.

Decorative Book on a Coffee Table
Decorative Book on a Stylized Coffee Table

3. Place a tray. Trays are fantastic because they are both stylish and functional. Make sure to group decorative items together for a more organized appearance. When you need more space on the table it is easy to remove the entire tray.

Decorative Tray
Decorative Tray on a Stylized Coffee Table

4. Something organic. Add a vase or two with some flower stems. Orchid plants are the easiest way to achieve a styled look plus add some color. Decorating with living materials brings some freshness into the room. It doesn’t matter if you use real or artificial plants, it is refreshing and uplifting to use these on the table.

Orchid on a Coffee Table

5. Add something of interest or a few eclectic accents. This is where your personality can really shine through. Unique objects on a coffee table are great ways to display a collection.

Glass Pumpkin
Glass Pumpkin
Eclectic Accents on a Coffee Table
Ostrich Egg
Decorative Boxes
Decorative Box
Ceramic Elephant on a Coffee Table
Ceramic Elephant

Most importantly, don’t forget to have varied heights when stylizing your coffee table. This adds interest and doesn’t allow the table to look flat. You want three different levels of height: low, medium, and high. Having varying levels of height will give more interest visually.

Share with me your stylized coffee table.

Talk to me about the objects you choose to use on your table.

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