Sunday, December, 6th, 2020

It simply doesn’t feel like Christmas without the tree up, halls decorated, and the mantel adorned with red and sprigs of greenery. If you want to welcome the holiday in some special and stylish way, use red this year. It is the trend for the holiday season. I know what you are thinking- “Geez Kim, red is always associated with Christmas!” Well the answer is not really. Over the last couple of years designers have been using trendy colors like pink, aqua, navy blue, and platinum.  See my post on A Marie Antoinette Christmas. Red was being pushed out of the picture.

The trend for 2020 is calling for red in big ways. Our clients at Lary’s Designs are requesting this traditional color after a long year of tribulations. An old style holiday is on their minds to sooth the family souls.

Our client for this post was no different.  She wanted gleaming gold with red as the primary color set for her home. Her 12 foot tree displayed these colors in a fanciful way.

The red magnolias are a definite statement in the tree. The glittery petals sparkle in the sunlight catching the admirer’s eye.   

As-large-as-possible balls have become another hit of Christmas decorations for 2020. It is really gorgeous, and if the space in the room allows you to use oversized ornaments, go ahead! A great way to create depth in your tree is to set the larger balls deep within the branches.

The top of the tree is embellished in gold holly berry sprays which add additional height to this already tall 12 foot tree.  The stylish and gorgeous red ribbon has a gold scroll pattern down it adding glints of light.  This ribbon is 4 inches wide which adds a beautiful element to the tree.

Newel posts and the banisters are decorated in ravishing red poinsettias and glistening gold 4 inch balls. Notice how the snowflake ribbon really adds to the holiday spirit.

Bright colors and a fabulous design, the nutcracker is the center of attention when you enter the house. It looks really amusing and fantastic!

The mantel is no exception to the theme running throughout this house. Two different types of ribbon are used to create a lush appearance. Jeweled and glass ornaments cascade down to create an eye appealing display.

The finality to the day was having the client’s young daughter place the last ornament on the tree.  

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