Sunday, January 17th, 2021

The home interior design world is not an exception when it comes to how the coronavirus pandemic has affected businesses and industries. As many people spent more time indoors throughout 2020, it required them to assess how they live in their homes. Most homeowners found they were yearning for more comfort and were also forced to reimagine their spaces to meet the demands of their new routine. Some found they needed a more efficient office space or living room update for Zoom and remote schooling. Just about every space of a home possibly required a refresh.

Home décor trends for 2021 are all about creating a home that’s comfortable, functional, and most importantly, a reflection of you. Here are the latest design styles that are taking center stage now and maybe you will be tempted to try them in 2021.

The Navy Color Trend

A darker blue, Navy Blue to be exact is the 2021 trend . This hue is considered to be the new “black” for creating elegant and contemporary spaces. It is a timeless shade of blue that feels familiar and relaxed.

Plants, Plants, And More Plants

I am willing to bet that 2021 brings even more plants into our homes than 2020 did! Not only do plants bring life to any room, but they’re something to nurture and care for. House plants are the greatest way to bring freshness into a room. Whether it be faux or real, adding a house plant is the easiest way to display character in a living space. 

Rattan Accents

Natural materials are having a huge moment in the design industry this year. Try out this trend by choosing a rattan accent piece or accessory that you really like; just don’t go overboard! Rattan is best in small doses, so pick your favorite piece and work from there.


Grandmillenial is a new term for decorating. It is a return to cozy and comfort in our homes. Think of granny chic! This design style is a lot of traditional furniture and lots of patterns. Think floral wall paper or curtains. It’s a fresh take on a look we’ve known all our lives like embroidered linens,  ruffles, wicker, chintz, and needlepoint!

Ariel Okin

Outdoor Kitchens

Multi-seasonal areas outside of our homes that feature fireplaces or fire pits, patio/deck areas, or screened-in porches that can be used year-round are on the rise. An outdoor kitchen can be as elaborate or as modest as you like. The cost of building an outdoor kitchen, much like indoor kitchen renovation, varies depending on the materials and appliances you choose.


I hope some of these trends are something you want to try out. Salty Dog and I are considering the outdoor kitchen idea/living area trend. 

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