Wednesday, December 9th, 2020

Merry Christmas my friends! Welcome to more Christmas inspiration on Kimmothy Creates! If you are in need of Christmas tree creativeness, you have come to the right place. Today I am sharing Stacey Parson’s house who is the owner of Lary’s Designs.  Her concept this year was to fill her home with vintage inspired colors of red, white and teal/aqua. How fun!

Last year Stacy opted for teal and platinum in her house. See Teal Is A Big Deal. This year she wanted  to add hints of red for an eye popping concept. Her house has become a showplace and a “muse” for others to take inspiration from.

Warning: This post contains an usually large amount of glamorous pictures.

Immediately Stacy’s dog, Finn, greets guest as they enter the house. The entrance foyer is an appetizer to what awaits in the rest of the house. 

The inside front entrance tree is remarkable with its bejeweled red tree skirt. Four inch wide Taupe and white ribbon is intermingled in this tree to help bring out the permanent décor colors.

Aqua poinsettias were set in both the 9 foot tree & banisters and they tie in wonderfully with the beautifully painted walls.

Elegant white and crystal ornaments bring in a magical effect. When the early morning sunlight shines through the windows these elements on the tree really bring a shimmering look. Bursts of red are incorporated in the tree with glittery leaf picks.

The banister and newel post are decorated with groupings of gold balls, aqua poinsettias and glittery platinum leaf picks. A little bit of red is just sprinkled in the banister garland with berry sprigs.

To the right of the hallway entrance is the TV and relaxation room. A dazzling 6 foot tall platinum tree is placed in the corner. A newer trend for these past couple of years is to get platinum, gold, or a matte silver tree to showcase the ornaments as the center of attention.  

To tie this room in with the hallway, aqua glass ornaments are suspended in this tree along with the same red glittery leaf picks. Platinum sparkly leaves add texture to this tree along with magnificent glinting magnolia blossoms. 

To complement the hallway, the dining room is decorated in platinum, white, and red. Crowning the china cabinet, a garland is laid with platinum magnolias, red leaves, and cascading stringed ornaments.

The mirrors have charming red berry wreaths placed on them. The wreaths bring more of a hint of red to the room.

The table scape is Stacy’s forte and every holiday she changes out the look to reflect the season. Don’t you just love those red cardinal wine glasses? I sure do!

Now we get to what I consider the jewel box of the house- the formal living room! The main Christmas tree totals over 17 feet tall. The tree is dripping in dazzling ornaments. The finials, placed at the bottom of the tree, give it a radiant effect and the suggestion of icicles.

An arrangement of matte gold and shiny red balls adorned with platinum magnolia blooms placed on the coffee table is flanked by two cute reindeer. Stacy is a pillow fanatic and she always finds the perfect pillows to place on her couch.

The fireplace mantel is decked out with the same regalia as the tree.  Notice how beautiful a garland looks when it cascades down to the floor.

In the kitchen, touches of red, white, and aqua were present in adorable ‘set arounds”. The kitchen traditionally being less formal is decorated in a more whimsical manner.

I added red glass ornaments to the silver and aqua garland on top of Stacy’s ‘candy cabinet’. See how the platinum colored garland really makes the ornaments stand out- I’m telling you the metallic garlands and trees are the way to go and Lary’s Designs sells them!

We can’t forget about the back banister. The stairway railing was trimmed in gold leaves and red magnolias. Another designer and I incorporated the same snowflake ribbon used in the foyer to add a sense of movement in the garland.

Finally we come to the table beneath the banister garland. I love how the Santa Clause is placed on the table. It adds a bit of whimsy to the room.

 Thank you to Stacy for allowing us into your home! It was such a treat. 

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