It wasn’t hard for me to fall in love with an all-white kitchen. The clean, sleek look is one that can transition well over decades and be a welcoming space for all. White kitchens have been around for a very long time, especially when it comes to cabinetry.

Some people are not as enthusiastic as I am about an all-white kitchen because they feel it looks barren.

White Kitchen
The Fox Group

Just because you have a white kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t add a little bit of color or texture here and there. In fact, the neutral backdrop will help the colors really pop. You can do so with some of the smaller details you add.

So many homeowners want to pick white countertops, white cabinets, white subway backsplash, and they don’t have any contrast in the kitchen and this makes the kitchen space look like a hospital. The eye needs something to break up the palette. Whether it’s in the décor you choose to put on the walls or counters to permanently give some contrast, there should be something to break it all up and give some interest.

Various textures and colors can make your white kitchen go from sterile to cozy quickly. A small piece of wall art, a contrasting painted island or a few countertop accessories are all an easy way to get a beautiful look in your kitchen. Other ways to spice up an all-white kitchen is to add a graphic rug, unique lighting, and statement chairs to the island. 

Not convinced white can be interesting? Take a look and see how these white spaces were transformed into fabulous.

I’m spotlighting 6 insanely cool white kitchens to inspire any upcoming renovations and/or Pinterest boards that need a fresh update. Whatever your interior design style, you’ll find a chic white kitchen to dream about below.

All White Kitchen
Randi Garrett Design

In the below kitchen the gold pendant lamps bring a sophisticated energy to the space. They pair nicely with the kitchen bar stools tucked under the island while also contrasting with the cream trim and white Carrara marble subway tiles.

White Kitchen
Life on Cedar Lane

Instead of a whole bunch of upper and lower white cabinets, consider adding some oomph to a kitchen with an island in another color. Imagine these rooms below if they just had a white island. The color adds visual interest.  

White and Black Kitchen
Paper Moon Painting
White and Green Kitchen
Better Homes and Gardens
Black and White Kitchen
The Fox Group
Better Homes and Gardens

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