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Hi I’m Kimmothy from Kimmothy Creates!

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I live in a 1970’s Texas ranch style home with “Salty Dog” (my fiance) and our two adorable dogs, Kyle and Alex. Kimmothy Creates is so much more than a design and decorating blog. It’s actually the story of how Salty Dog and I will turn our new & current house into an elegant and sophisticated home.

Who is Kimmothy?

I’ve been obsessed by all things of color and design since I was young
One of my earliest school memories was maneuvering around my 4th grade classroom marking up the other students coloring projects because their colors “didn’t complement one another”. This was a term I had learned from my decorator grandmother. Needless to say, I wasn’t the most popular girl in my class that year.

A year later, in the 5th grade, I declared I was going to become a floral designer. My first job, before I could even drive a car, was sweeping up the floors of a local florist shop for $3.85 an hour. Over the course of high school, I dedicated myself to the entire florist field in which I learned everything I could about principals of designs, the color wheel, and textures. I also became very well rounded in every position within the florist trade, with particular interest in floral designer. By my mid-twenties, I was teaching floral design workshops.

I became a owner of a floral shop in my late twenties and soon became an event coordinator to the stars. Some of my clients were Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Merv Griffin, and Brooke Shields.

We recently moved from the West Coast
Salty Dog and I have become Houston residents (I am now a Southern Gal) and own a home in the NASA area. In fact, an astronaut used to live in in our home. Part of my journey in the blog is renovating our early 1970’s house into an classy and beautiful home (good-bye 1970’s linoleum). I’m always constantly striving to bring our home’s interior out of the 70’s and show its full potential without spending a fortune in doing so. I love keeping my home up-to-date and having people admire it. Most of all, I enjoy sharing my learned experiences which I can pass on to others to help them in creating their beautiful home.

“Big Box Store” furniture suites and “marshmallow puffy couches” are no way to be decorating.
My style is elegant traditional but a timeless and classic look. I like to buy things that will not appear they are dated in ten years. Aesthetically, I love the clean and fresh look because it looks appealing.

Kimmothy Creates is a lifestyle blog about design style, DIY, food, entertaining, and much much more. My hope is that you find some ideas or inspiration to trigger your own creations for your home and life.