It’s the most magical time of the year to start decorating your place for the holidays. I’m a traditionalist at heart.  My holiday playlist consists solely of Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra and my Christmas dinner is always a ham or a turkey with stuffing. My Christmas tree I put up year after year is usually centered around all red and silver but this year my eyes have landed on a new theme. Gone are the days when red and green are the only colors to decorate with.

Let’s redefine what the holiday season should look like. How about aqua, burgundy, and gold! This is combination is wonderful and it makes me think of Marie Antoinette because the colors are so rich together.

Ode to Marie Antoinette Christmas Tree

This year, why not embrace the beautiful metallics, golds, burgundies, and some aquas. It’s the perfect time of year to do so as the beautiful white lights of the tree just make everything sparkle spectacularly.

A luxurious gold prelit tinsel tree reminiscent of the 50’s is the centerpiece of the holidays in this home. This 9 foot tree from Lary’s Designs is featured in shimmering silver or gold. Your chic personality will shine through wherever you decide to showcase it.

The tree is adorned with delicate aqua ornaments and glass icicles. The aqua compliments the light blue chair placed nearby well. The chair is masterfully placed for anyone to sit down and admire this stunning tree. An assortment of silver and gold glass ornaments of various hues in the old word style were chosen to match the home decor. The tucked light blue pine-cones add an extra component of texture to the tree.

Christmas Tree in Golds

A few oversized burgundy magnolias were placed within the tree and make quite the statement. The magnolias make the colors in the nearby hung paintings pop with vibrancy.

A gold metallic tree is a wonderful option if you really want to up the glam factor for your holiday season.  It’s a lot more fun than your standard old green tree and looks great with any color you want to decorate it with. As you can see, combining the aqua and burgundy creates and added extravagant experience for the eye.

Christmas Tree in Golds

Olive leaves in gold glitter on the mantle garland replace the traditional pine boughs. The gold tinsel garland holds beautiful aqua ornaments, gold mercury finials, and strings of glass beads. The embroidered aqua ribbon bows add an elevated class of elegance.  

This tree and garland combo is just about as stylish and captivating as it gets. It is truly the details that make your tree magical and enchanting.

I am curious what your thoughts are about this Marie Antoinette Christmas room and if you would use the same colors on your tree. Or tell me what you are doing to decorate your home this year for Christmas.

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  1. Maria Wilkinson

    Absolutely stunning and beautiful 💜

  2. Judy Lemieux

    Love, love, love it! So beautiful, shiny and shimmery. Love the pops of colors.

    1. Kimmothy

      Thank you Judy, I too love the pops of colors.

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