No matter what your Christmas decorating style, there are plenty of ways to bring your holiday decorations to life this season. There is no need to go overboard with a color palette because there are numerous options that your family will love. Consider your Christmas tree a blank slate for telling a brand-new story this year. You can have a stunning Christmas display that dazzles the eye without being color coordinated.

While rich red and green hues are certainly traditional, and you can never go wrong with this combination, gold and silver definitely takes center stage. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” quite like an all gold and silver decorated tree. Maybe you haven’t used this combination in your holiday décor because you have not seen all the ways it can be incorporated. Whether your home is traditional, contemporary or shabby chic, gold and silver will certainly fit into everyone’s scheme. This color mixture can provide a stylish and elegant look to your home that naturally creates a feeling of comfort that other color schemes don’t offer so readily.

This post takes you through a guided tour of South Main Baptist Church in Houston. Below you’ll find the most gorgeous gold and silver holiday decorations — like trees, garland, tree toppers, wreaths, and unique gold and silver ornaments.

This stunningly decorated tree perfectly complements this room’s cool blue decor. Something about the warm metallic hues is timeless and inviting, which is why we’re starting to see gold and silver decorations pop up everywhere.

Gold and Silver Christmas Tree

Gold poinsettia

Gold Christmas Tree Ornament

Classically draped garland adorns the staircase and creates a sophisticated statement. The stylish, down swept garland on this banister is comprised of lavish and glitzy holiday decor.

Gold and Silver Garland on a banister
Gold and Silver Garland on a banister

Running out of spaces to decorate? Elegant teardrop swags can make a statement when hung on a door.

Gold and Silver Christmas Teardrop Swags

There is a 20 foot garland that embellishes the registration desk. Garlands are the easiest ways to add some merriment to your home during the month of December. They are often less expensive than their round wreath counterparts, especially if you make your own.

Lit Christmas trees in gold and silver flank the doorways to the sanctuary. The trees are adorned with metallic baubles and glittering branches.

Gold and Silver Christmas Tree
Silver Christmas Branches

In my opinion, every room in this beautiful church could use a bit of Christmas cheer – even the sitting area. Here, a simple 3 foot wreath was adorned with gold poinsettias, silver and gold ornaments, exquisite ribbon, and glittery branches.

Church Sitting Area

What are your plans for decorating your home this holiday season? Do you plan on changing out your traditional holiday décor for gold and silver? Leave a comment and tell me what decorations, besides a Christmas tree, you plan on putting up.

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