Messy Room

Most people have a “junk drawer”, we have a junk room. Don’t judge. Salty Dog and I have stuffed and pushed out of place belongings into what is supposed to be the guest bedroom. It has literally become our dumping ground. The guest bedroom is a hot mess and needless to say, no one ever stays with us.

Messy Bedroom

I been invited to join the 555 Room Challenge by Rebecca Celhar of Hello Central and I think this is a good excuse for me to finish this room. I am not the only one, there are 6 other bloggers joining in on this challenge. I am so excited to see what they come up with and to share my creativity.

Rebecca Celhar from Hello Central Avenue

Teri Moore from T. Moore Home

Libbie Burling from A Life Unfolding         

Stacie Ab from Stacie’s Spaces      

Kippi O’Hern from Kippi at Home    

Sarah Almond from Salmonde

Please join me and my fellow bloggers as over the next 5 weeks we transform 1 room from blah… to awe!!! We have 5 weeks, a budget of $500.00 and we have to create 5 DIY projects. Due to family tragedy, I’ll be playing catch up. However, the following schedule is post dates for all participants.

-Wednesday, February 5th

-Wednesday, February 12th

-Wednesday, February 19th

-Wednesday, February 26th

-Wednesday, March 4th-REVEAL DAY!

I am so excited for this challenge and this one room is going to be a doozy on me. To give you a little tidbit of what my inspiration is, think of the color Envy (SW 6925Envy) from Sherwin Williams.

Just so you don’t think your eyes deceived you, yes this hell of a mess is my #555Roomchallenge. 

Messy Bedroom

Please let me know what your favorite projects are from all blogger contributors in this 555 Room Challenge in the comments below.  

In case you missed it, read about the 5 Decorating Ideas for Beginners HERE.

Here are the other bloggers joining in on the #555RoomChallenge.

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  1. Rebecca Celhar

    Haha! I can relate to your junk room! I can’t wait to see what you do!

    1. Kimmothy

      So happy to be doing this room challenge with you

  2. Sue

    I can’t wait to see your room challenge!!

    1. Kimmothy

      I am loving how this room is coming along.

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