Mirror Hung on the Wall

1. Add Mirrors

Need to make your room seem larger or are you looking to brighten up your space? Mirrors in a variety of shapes can be displayed on either side of a room. This opens up the room and makes it look much larger. Plus it adds extra light and the effect is absolutely stunning.

White Kitchen

2. Mix Up Color

White kitchens are everywhere nowadays. While it creates a classic atmosphere the look can be a bit sterile and bland. Bring some life into your space by adding color to the walls and accessories. Adding a bowl of lemons not only adds color to the room but you are also creating a statement piece.

Grouping of collection

3. Display Collections

Collections scattered around the home can make a living space look messy. Instead group your collection together. Collections can elevate a home into looking perfect. Opt for displaying in odd numbers because it gives the room a better look.

Seashells on a coffee table

4. Choose Themes

Love seashells? Theme your living room using old sea shell prints on the wall, place a grouping of shells on the coffee table, and choose a coral print based wallpaper and you see how the room begins to create a theme. Watch how a designer look emerges once you have enacted your desired theme for a room.

Focus Wall with Wallpaper

5. Focus Wall

Afraid to use wallpaper but love the look it gives a room? Choose one that you love and pick one accent wall to cover. The room will look like you hired an interior designer.

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